November 12, 2011
Atlanta-area UX companies and other resources for the job seeker

Someone recently asked me about companies that might be looking for people with UX skills and other resources for the Atlanta UX job-seeker. I don’t feel I’ve been in Atlanta very long, and I don’t pretend to be an expert on the “Atlanta UX scene” but here are some of the resources I put together for them. I figured they might be useful to others, so here they are:

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I don’t know whether or not any of the following companies are currently looking for UX researchers/strategists/designers/architects/whatevers, or what their current needs might be, but I DO know that if I were looking for a UX-related position in Atlanta, these would be the first places I would look:

User Insight - They are an Atlanta-based user testing and user research firm. I have been VERY impressed by what I’ve seen of them and how they approach their work:

Macquarium - Before I moved to Atlanta, I did some work with Macquarium. They conducted user research and did usability testing on a project I was working on for Pepsi. I was impressed by them as well.

Razorfish - They do interesting work. There are a couple people I know from BBDO (my day job) who now work there. Their Emerging Interfaces group is doing some interesting work.

Sapient Nitro - They have an Atlanta-based mobile center of excellence that is worth looking into They’re also doing some interesting stuff with interactive kiosks and other location- or event-specific interfaces.

Engauge - I’ve only recently started hearing about them, but from what I’ve seen and heard, they’re worth paying attention to.

Digitas - Two years ago, as I was starting my series of interviews that saw me eventually make my way to Atlanta, I was also interviewing with Digitas. I know they have an Atlanta office, and my downstairs neighbor at the apartment I used to live in works there.

There are also some UX-related recruiting firms that try to place people in the Atlanta area:

Synergis HR is a company that does IT/technical recruiting in Atlanta.

JobTopia is another company I occasionally see reaching out on LinkedIn.

Bestica is a UX-focused recruiting company. I met some folks from that company at last summers UPA conference.

Balanced Business Resources is another company I see looking for folks on Linked In on occasion.

Simply Hired is a job search site that provides an easy way to set up email alerts of job openings and opportunities. I’ve set up an email alert for “user experience strategist” jobs and the results it provides (I think I get an email from them 2-3 times a week) are for the most part relevant. I typically receive anywhere from 2 to 8 or more job listings per email. It’s a nationwide search so not all of them will be relevant to someone looking for work in Atlanta, but …

In terms of other area resources, Chi-Atlanta is an Atlanta usability/UX design-based organizationI’ve gone to some of their events, and have always gotten something out of them

If you know of any other companies worth keeping an eye on from a UX perspective or feel like I’ve missed or overlooked something here, please let me know.

ADDENDUM (12-9-11):

Here are a couple additional places I’ve come across that may be worth checking into:

IQ Interactive has some current IA/UX openings in their Atlanta office. I don’t have any personal experience with them, but I do know some folks who have done/are doing work there.

360i has an Atlanta office, and they’re definitely worth keeping an eye on (even if I don’t see any current UX-related openings in that office).

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